Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Winter Coat

I saved almost all of my big kid's clothes from when he was younger. So the little guy's wardrobe consists almost entirely of hand-me-downs from his big brother. Which means I don't have to buy him a lot of clothes, but it also means he hasn't been the recipient of many handmade clothes yet. However, apparently, I did give away rather than save some of the big kid's clothes from when he was two or three. Most notably his winter coat. So, as the weather started getting cooler I got busy making the little guy a winter coat.

His fall jacket is pretty warm because it is lined with fleece, but it has no interlining, so it wouldn't really get us through the winter.  I decided to use the Alpine Wonderland Puffy Coat (affiliate link) pattern from Peek-A-Boo pattern shop for his winter coat.  I had about a yard of green twill that I got from the remnant bin at Jo-Ann a while back, and I bought some sherpa from for the lining as well as some wool batting to use for the interlining. The wool batting isn't high loft, so the jacket didn't come out that puffy, but I liked the idea of having the wool batting for the warmth that wool provides.  I also used black ribbing from Jo-Ann for the cuffs. 

I used the size 3 pattern because I knew that the sherpa lining would make the jacket fit tighter and to give him some extra growing  room, and I am glad I did - the jacket size came out just right.

In sewing the pattern up, I had a couple issues.  First, the sleeve did not fit the armhole - it was about half an inch short on each side.  I double checked to make sure I had cut out the right size sleeve and I had.  So when I was sewing the side seams I ended up having to move the side seam in half an inch at the armpit, which resulted in the jacket being a little tight across the front.  Also, the pocket placement is too close to the center of the jacket so that the pockets run into the area where the fasteners are supposed to go.  This resulted in some bulging at the front of the jacket as the pockets are bunched up in there.

  Despite these issues, I am pretty happy with how the jacket came out and think it will definitely keep him warm this winter.

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