Saturday, August 23, 2014

August Mystery Challenge: London Dapper

Tangible Pursuits: Mystery Challenge

I signed up to participate in a mystery challenge - where a group of bloggers are each assigned a random partner who gives gives the blogger a theme that they must create a project for.  Karly from Paisley Roots was assigned to give me a theme and she chose London Dapper.  I started looking on pinterest and saw a lot of suit jackets, button-down shirts, and trouser-style pants.  I told Karly this would be a challenge for me as I usually went pretty casual.  In the end I'm not sure I rose to the challenge so much as I brought the challenge down to me.

I considered making some formal clothes for my little guy because I am still the one who dresses him, so I knew I could get the clothes on him, while the big kid might flat out refuse.  But it is my big kid who is more in need of clothes now, so I decided to find a way to make an outfit for him that would fit the challenge.

In browsing pinterest I did see some cowl-neck sweaters in the dapper category and I knew my big kid would wear that, especially if I made it in fleece.  I used the varsity cowl neck pullover pattern (affiliate link) from Peek-a-Boo pattern shop and some navy blue micro-fleece that I had purchased for $1/yard from a fabric store near where I work.

Tangible Pursuits: Varsity Cowl Neck Pullover

I also wanted to make a collared shirt.  I was thinking that layering the shirt under the cowl neck pullover would give it a more formal look, but in the end the collared shirt wasn't even visible under the pullover.  My big kid recently told me he doesn't wear shirts with buttons, so I decided to make a knit pullover shirt with a collar and a slit so it could get over his head.  I mashed a few different patterns together to get the look I was going for.  I used a grey and navy striped knit that I had purchased on Girl Charlee, but I didn't quite have enough to make the long sleeves, so I decide to make a faux layered look with a solid navy sleeve underneath.

Tangible Pursuits: Collared knit pullover shirt with double sleeves

I had also wanted to make a pair of pants for the big kid.  I was thinking a trouser-style pair of jeans or something like that, but I didn't end up having time.  Then I realized that I had made him a pair of pants a couple months ago that I had never blogged about that could work.  They are made out of a tan corduroy that I think might have also come from the $1/yard barrel at the fabric store near where I work.  I used the little heartbreaker pants pattern from Sewing for Boys (affiliate link).  They are wide leg, where much of the stuff I saw in my pinterest search was skinny leg, but they do have kind of a trouser look to them and I figured homemade pants that didn't quite fit the challenge were better than store-bought pants, so I went with it.

Tangible Pursuits: little heartbreaker pants

In the end, I am pretty happy with the outfit although it doesn't exactly scream "dapper."

Tangible Pursuits: Mystery Challenge outfit

And I think my big kid will get a lot of use out of the items this fall.

Tangible Pursuits: Mystery Challenge outfit

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Shark Softie Pattern Release and Giveaway!

I am happy to announce the release of my latest pattern, a shark softie!  This shark is a little on the ferocious side with his open mouth and sharp teeth, but he also doesn't mind being cuddled.

The pattern is available for sale on Craftsy (affiliate link).  The pattern includes detailed instructions, illustrated by clear pictures, and full size pattern pieces, which include seam allowances. The pattern makes an 18" long shark.

In honor of the pattern release I will be giving a free copy of the shark softie pattern to one lucky winner.  You can enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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