Monday, June 30, 2014

Fantasy Four Patch Quilt Finished

I started this quilt a while ago but just got around to quilting and binding it recently.  As I mentioned previously it was made using one of the processes in Joe Cunningham's Pattern-Free Quiltmaking class on Craftsy (affiliate link), called the fantasy four patch.  The four patch blocks have four rectangles of varying sizes rather than the traditional four squares.  For the border I wanted to make it look like the quilt top was laying on top of a really big fantasy four patch.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Quiet Book

I have been pinning quiet book ideas for some time -- although my board is actually not that full.  I like the idea of making something entertaining and educational out of fabric.  I finally decided to make one because the kids and I will be flying across the country in a few weeks and I wanted to have something to bring to entertain the little guy other than videos, since his attention span for videos is not that long.  I will probably bring a few small toys, but toys on the plane could cause problems if he throws them or bangs them on the tray.  A quiet book is a good solution because it is soft and doesn't take up a lot of room but can contain a lot of activities.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Perfect Petal Purse Pattern

Recently I had the chance to test FABulous Home Sewn Products' Perfect Petal Purse Pattern.  It is a fun little purse for a little girl.  It is also a pretty quick sew, so if you need a present for a little girl tomorrow this would be a good pattern to have on hand.

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