Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Winding Twine

When my intangible work takes up most of my time, I really find myself craving the tangible.  So, this past year, when I didn't have much time to sew, I found a project that I could do a little bit at a time - while watching the kids or watching TV.  I had a couple of sheets that were the big kid's that had seen better days.  They were ripped and faded but I didn't want to throw them away.  In the condition they were in they were not suitable for giving away, nor were they suitable for making into clothes or quilts.  So, I decided to make twine.

Winding the twine is kind of meditative and satisfies my need to be doing something productive even if I don't have time to sit in front of the sewing machine.  And it is easy to do a little at a time.  I don't quite know what I will do with the twine when I finish - perhaps crochet it up into a basket, like this one?

This website had my favorite tutorial for making fabric twine, in case you want to make some too.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kimono Slippers


Last week was Selfish Sewing Week and, while I didn't have much time to sew, I did manage to make myself a pair of slippers to keep my feet warm now that it is getting colder.

I followed the free pattern by Lauren E Fabrications, using a canvas fabric for the outer fabric, a fleece for the inner fabric, and a non-slip fabric for the sole.

Although the pattern was made for a size 9-9 1/2 and I wear a size 8-8 1/2, I was too lazy to modify it, so, after I was done, I just added a couple of pleats on the sides of each shoe near the heel to keep the slipper from falling off of my heel.

And now my feet are warm, cozy and comfortable!

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