Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lightning McQueen Letterman Jacket

I sewed my little guy a letterman jacket for fall using the pattern by Fairytale Pattern Designs (affiliate link).

The body is red and black sweatshirt fleece, with red ribbing for the cuffs, collar and bottom band.

The pattern doesn't call for a lining, but I wanted this jacket to be warm enough for fall, so I added a lining made out of gray jersey.

I appliqued Lightning McQueen's number on the back and a Lightning McQueen patch that I bought on Etsy on the front.

Unfortunately I did not notice the typo in the patch until after the jacket was complete.  Did you catch it?  I should fix it before the little guy learns how to read.

But, for now, he thinks his new jacket is perfect.


  1. That jacket looks awesome! My son would LOVE it!

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