Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Seaside Summer Top as Pajama Top

Tangible Pursuits: Seaside Summer Top as Pajama Top

As promised, here is my pajama top variation on the Seaside Summer Top.  I have written a tutorial for it, in case you want to make your own.  But first, you will need the pattern!

I used flannel for this top.  In addition to the materials listed for the pattern, you will need a small amount of a contrasting fabric for the facings as well as some piping in a second contrasting color (I used less than half a package of pre-made piping for this 2T top).

Cut out the pattern pieces as instructed in the pattern, except cut the facings in your contrasting color.  When cutting the front facing round the corners around the downward extension - this will make it easier to apply the piping.

Sew the two facings right sides together at the shoulder.  Use a zipper foot to sew the piping onto the right side of the fabric with the raw edge of the piping lined up with the raw edge of your facing fabric. Cut notches into the curves or trim the edges with pinking shears, as I did.

Facings with piping sewn on

Note that when starting and ending the piping you should angle it off of the fabric as shown below.  This will hide the raw edges in the finished garment.

Angle the piping off of the fabric at the ends.

Continue with the pattern instructions, but when it is time to sew the facing onto the neck of the shirt sew it with the right side of the facing against the wrong side of the shirt.

Sew the facing to the shirt with the right side of the facing against the wrong side of the shirt.

I sewed the sleeves on (but didn't sew the side seams) before flipping the facing around because I didn't want to accidentally sew my facing into my sleeve seams.  Flip the facing around to the front and then topstitch around the neck as directed in the pattern.  Turn the piping so the raw edges are under the facing and top stitch right next to the piping to secure the edge of the facing down.

Flip facing around and topstitch along neckline and next to facing

Proceed to finish the top as directed in the pattern and you have a nice pajama top!

I made another one for the big kid too. 

Big kid version of pajama shirt

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