Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kids Clothes Week Wrap-Up

So, I finished four projects during kids clothes week... three shirts and a pair of pants.  I had hoped to get a lot more finished, but had a difficult week at work and didn't have the energy for much sewing during the week.

I sewed the little guy a hoodie shirt that I made by modifying the varsity cowl neck pullover pattern (affiliate link).

I made the boys both pirate shirts.  I stenciled an anchor on the front using this stencil pattern. Here is the big kid's:

And this is the little guy's:

I used the cupcake top pattern from Sewing Mama RaeAnna for the little guy's and again modified the varsity cowl neck pullover pattern to make a basic crew neck shirt for the big kid.

Finally I sewed this pair of pants for the little guy from the Kickin' Back Sweats pattern in Sewing for Boys (affiliate link). It is a very simple pattern, with just one pattern piece. 

So, that's it!  I got started on sewing a pair of pants for the big kid but probably won't get them finished today.  I still have two more pairs of pants and two more shirts cut out but not started. It will be nice though to have things already cut out so that when I have time to sew I can just sit down and start sewing.


  1. Look at all you finished! Great job! I love all the fun fabric prints you used!

    1. Thanks! I hoped to get more done, but I guess that's always the case...


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