Monday, December 30, 2013

A Review and a Preview

Heather at Feather's Flights reviewed my giraffe lovey pattern.  You can read her review here.  I love the patterned fleece she used for the head.

I have been working on another lovey pattern also.  I had already been planning to make a zebra/horse pattern.  I figured a zebra would be a nice compliment to the giraffe and rhino patterns.  I hadn't gotten started on working on the actual pattern yet, though.  Then my niece asked me to make her a unicorn lovey for Christmas.  She has a new baby sister who has recently been given a lovey and she wanted her own.  I took on the challenge and came up with a pattern that can be a unicorn, horse or zebra!  I already gave you a tiny taste in my sneak peek, but here's a photo of the finished unicorn lovey.

She had asked for the lovey to have blue, pink and green in it, so I used a light blue fleece for the head and a pink satin for the underside of the blanket.  I decided to use a patterned fleece for the top side of the blanket, just to cover all the color bases.  I got this one at  I got the ivory fleece for the mane, horn and inside of the ears there too.  The blue fleece was from JoAnn's.

I hope to publish the patterns for the rhino and horse/zebra/unicorn loveys sometime in the next couple of months and will probably offer the three together as a set for a discount.  In the meantime, you can buy the giraffe pattern in my Craftsy pattern store.

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